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The Primary School consists of grade 1 to 5 students, each section not exceeding 20 students per class.

Our philosophy is to encourage and guide students to regard their studies as a means to self discovery. Activity-based learning is preferred, where possible, so as to stimulate student participation and make the learning process more dynamic. As such, students are placed at the centre of their learning and are expected to develop and express individual points of view. Studies are enquiry based and project-oriented, emphasising conceptual understanding.

The school has a strong reading programme. All classes have an allotted period in our well-stocked library and each student keeps a personal reading journal. A remedial programme caters to students who are not proficient in English.

At LGS, we value parental involvement in all stages of the learning process. The involvement of the family in the education progress of each student is fundamental to further enhance the teaching- learning process. The relationship between student, parent and teacher is critical in communicating the school’s expectations and mitigating possible problems, thus serving the learning needs of our students.